Hey y’all

I’m Michelle.

A southern girl at heart, living abroad in Melbourne, Australia whose focus is mostly, but not limited to, expressionistic and abstracted painting.  I’ve exhibited internationally and have received awards for my work.  My services include commissioned pieces, online course work and the virtual gallery.

I’m a solo-preneur, and (normally) an avid traveler. I’m an artist, a coach, a wife, a mom, a sister (and sister-in-law), a daughter and a friend to many. I’m a college football fan (Go Gamecocks) and a lover of the water; be it on the boat, in the waves or on the snow.

But my biggest passion is painting.

Please join me in my studio. Let me share my love of all things creative (not to mention the therapeutic benefits) and maybe even, ideally inspire you to want to create something yourself.


Better Than Art School

Amira Rahim

Bold School & Bold Color Bootcamp

Charla Martschalk

Wittenberg University

Springfield, Ohio

Studio Arts Centre International

Florence, Italy


A solo exhibition featuring. Some of the paintings are available for sale on my online shop. / MARCH 2022
An exhibition of my splash series at New York Gallery. You can get the digital prints on my shop. / NOV 2021
The Lost City
The Lost City exhibition depicts the life of an urban city and busy people. The show took city at New York. / AUG 2021

My Services

Original Art For Sale

I specialize in abstract & abstracted paintings. Life is full of colors, and so are my paintings. My art expression is bold and high contrast. I express my art style with big brushes and splashes of paints.

Commissioned Pieces

I can be commissioned for commercial projects such as wall art, advertisement, home staging art, and more. Since every art is unique, so it can be difficult to estimate its value. Contact me for a quote.


I also do personal projects such as children's nursery murals, custom portraits, 1-on-1 art class/tutor, and at-your-own-pace art courses. Note that personal projects can not be used for distribution without consent.