The art you hang on your walls should be a reflection of you and your unique personality.
The problem is, the art you see doesn’t speak to you and doesn’t fit your style or space.
You deserve to have original art that is a reflection of who you are.
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IMAGINE traversing almost 2,000 miles across endless prarie, sagebrush desert, and mountains…  in an extremely beautiful, yet hostile environment… facing smallpox scares, bandits, torrential weather, ambushes, and many other hardships; where carelessness likley meant your death.  “Freedom Has Fangs” tells the story of “1883”; a group of people all in search of a better life and how their attempt to cross the vast Great Plains proves to be an unforgiving andn harsh environment that not everyone on the wagon train survives.

Michelle On Canvas

The Art of Michelle Scarafile Wallace

I’m Michelle Scarafile Wallace… a Melbourne, Australia based artist. My focus is mostly, but not limited to, expressionistic and abstracted painting.  I’ve exhibited internationally and have received awards for my work.  (Read about my latest show here.). My services include commissioned pieces, online course work and the virtual gallery.

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